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Fabrics for flower making

foto_5_fabrik_kitFlower making fabrics shall be prepared and starched already. In Japan, they are starched (tanned) with PVC vinyl-acetate emulsion. There are three degrees of tanning: medium, hard and super hard. Hard tanning is used most often. But it does not mean that all kinds of fabrics will be firm to the touch, since fabrics are also different in their density, texture and composition.
At the moment, there are about 100 kinds and variations of fabrics for flower making. We have prepared a comparative table:
The description of fabrics: from the most delicate and fine to coarse and dense.
True silk is the quintessence of the art of silk floristics. The most exquisite flowers are made exactly of silk. All the great masters of their craft, who have achieved significant results, try to create their flower arrangements exclusively from silk. Hence the high price per unit of product. Well, high art - high demands. We shall just draw your attention to the fact that many people mistakenly call some kinds of fabric “silk”, which is not the one. There is a huge amount of fiber silk in the market, which is difficult to be distinguished it from the true one. True silk is also impregnated with special compounds and has a certain density. Moreover, there is a numeration of silk. Numeration indicates the density of weave, e.g. Silk Georgette No.6 is much softer than Georgette No.20. The following is a list of all the silks, which are made in Japan for flower making:
- Pure silk Crepe de Chine
- Pure silk Georgette
- Pure silk Habutay
- Pure silk Organza
- Pure Silk Satin, Royal Satin, Satin Crepe

As you can see from the names – satin and organza are also found in fiber silks, which are made of synthetic fibers.

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